About us

About us

Oak specializes in creation of high-end architectural and commercial 3D visualization.

We have been working with major construction companies across the globe and have been successfully delivering high-quality visual marketing materials for real estate & development companies, architectural & design studios.

Knight Frank, Yoo inspired by Starck, Colliers International and Resolute Asset Management are among our happy clients who prefer working with us on a long term basis. Today we kindly offer you to take a deeper look on what we actually do.

Over time, based on our expertise, we have developed a unique vision behind our images.

Oak works together with clients.

We are a team of cross-talented people and we can and want to put our vision and energy into our clients’ projects. We see the cooperation process as a synergetic experience, which means both sides give their best to make a project look perfect.

Oak uses visual storytelling.

Still images where nothing is happening do not have a purposeful message and thus do not communicate with a viewer. We believe that visual media is a form of com- munication in the first place. Therefore, each of our images tells a certain story seen even through finest detail. That is, we believe, an approach that creates an emotional bond be- tween a viewer and a picture.

Our services

Atmospheric visualization.

We are devoted to the creation of high-end 3D visualization.We portray future estate projects with emotional appeal, underlining the core values and ideas behind the project.
While creating an emotional bond between your productand the target audience, we deliver you an effective and memorable marketing tool — one able to help increase your company’s effectiveness and competitiveness in the contemporary turbulent and unpredict- able market.

Architectural visualization.

CGI’s today are the most important method of giving clients an early understanding of what particular concept ideas are, they are also incredibly important as design tools for an architectural teams to understand every detail and area.

3d Video.

A good and memorable video gives you a unique opportunity to get the attention of your target audience in a very simple yet illustrative way. It is worth knowing that an average person can effectively remember 10% of the audible information, whereas for visual information this number is around 50%. Therefore if you really wish your project to be remembered and kept in mind by your audience – a video is perfect for this.

"Your team helped us in a positive and professional manner throughout and we look forward to working with you on more projects in the future"

Mark Davidson
Head of Design at Yoo